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Scarlet Scramble

The Scarlet Scramble is a 24-hour campus and city adventure for teams of five to ten students that takes place in the spring. The event challenges teams to complete challenges, answer trivia questions, and decode clues to earn points and prizes. Participating students will build community, learn about new resources on campus, learn more about the storied history of the university and celebrate the year while showing how much they know about Ohio State and the city of Columbus.

Scarlet Scramble 2014
Begins March 28 at 6 p.m.
Ends March 29 at 6 p.m.  (No clues are given out between 2 and 8 a.m.)

There are five different types of clues:

  • Ohio State/Columbus Trivia: Turned in on Carmen, can be completed at any time. 
  • Photo Clues: Students are challenged to take pictures in front of different places on and off campus.
  • Limited Edition: These activities are offered for a limited amount of time for a certain number of team members.
  • Head-2-Head: The first teams to a location compete in miscellaneous challenges.
  • Twitter Trivia: Twitter trivia is sent out periodically during active hours of the Scarlet Scramble.

All participants will receive a t-shirt for participating and winning teams will receive prizes.

Register by Sunday, March 9

To register your team, go to Teams can have up to 10 participants; a minimum of 5 participants must be first-year students. Registration for each team is $50.


Contact Ryan Provost at


Q: Can my team compete with less than 10 members?
A: Yes, as long as there are 5 first-year students and the team must pay the full $50 registration fee.
Q: Can I participate if I do not have a team to sign up with?
A: Free agents will be placed on a team together as they register.
Q: Do we have to stay up and participate all 24 hours?
A: No. This is an open competition, so teams can solve as many or as few clues as they desire, during whatever time-frame they desire. No clues are given out between 2 and 8 a.m.
Q: Does my whole team have to be present to solve clues?
A: For trivia based clues, no. For picture based clues at least half of your team must be in the picture. For activity clues when competing against other teams, you must have the number of team members the activity dictates.