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Peer leaders

Janina Anokye
Gahanna, OH
Recommended campus resource: I was thankful to be able to utilize the committed and capable staff at BuckeyeLink. They were able to assist and advise me through many financial dilemmas that I felt were too overwhelming to take on alone. If you ever have a concern or a question, don't be afraid to ask!

Angel Bautista
Joliet, IL
Mechanical Engineering
A transformational Ohio State experience: Getting my first bad grade on a midterm. This made me realize that what I did in high school will no longer work for college. I then had to switch up my study habits and start a new routine.

Tanesha Desamours
Reynoldsburg, OH
Integrated Language Arts Education
Recommended campus resource: The campus resource I basically NEED is the Ohio State app. You can get estimates on bus wait-times and directions to campus destinations, see your BuckID balance, check your class schedule and grades, and more.

Bella Garcia
Chesterland, OH
A quick study tip: Make time to study. It sounds really simple, but it gets way too easy to get caught up in things and not give yourself enough time to study or do assignments. Plan out and set aside time throughout the week to study before an exam or final. Don't wait until the last minute!

Roaya Higazi
Pickerington, OH
City and Regional Planning
How to make friends: I've made all of my closest and most supportive friends through the student organizations I've joined. When you make friends through an organization, you have a common passion or goal bringing you together, and I can promise that leads to a bond like no other.

Mackenzie Leatherman
Honolulu, HI
Social Work
Why Ohio State?: I am a first-generation college student, and deciding where I wanted to go to school was a very difficult choice. What ultimately led me to choose Ohio State was the amount of exploration I could do here. I was undecided on my major going in to college, and I knew that wherever I ended up I wanted to have plenty of major options.

Lauren Nelson
Monroe, OH
Human Development and Family Science
Favorite first-year class: My Introduction to Humanities course. My professor and my TA were so intensely passionate about making us aware of what was going on beyond the United States. That wanted us to become well-informed, critical thinkers. The passion they had was contagious and I never missed a class!

Malina Ransom
Gahanna, OH
Advice for new students: Don't be afraid to talk to new people. You might make a great friend. Even if you're not in the market for a BFF, you never know who you might meet and what advice they might be able to give you based on their experiences at Ohio State.

Tanner Reeling
Wadsworth, OH
Computer Science and Engineering
Recommended campus resource: The libraries! The quiet atmosphere helps me focus and get work done. It's much better than staying in your room working all day, and there's usually a cafe nearby to get your caffeine fix. I'd definitely recommend finding a few favorite study areas you like and using those frequently.

Monica Samboa
Brook Park, OH
Health Sciences
Favorite first-year class: Learning and Motivation Strategies for Success in College. This class really helped me to transition into college. It teaches you how to be more organized, how to take and review notes, and other methods that help you to succeed. It understands how transitioning is difficult for first years and will provide them with steps on how to overcome those problems.

Amber Strickland
Canton, OH
Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies
Why Ohio State?: I came here because Ohio State does so much for students after they complete their degree. Ohio State gives students the opportunities to conduct research, study abroad and network with companies from all over the world.

Joshua Szymanski
Perrysburg, OH
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advice for new students: Make a fool of yourself; try new things; put yourself out there. Be open to joining clubs that your high school didn't have or maybe some that it did. Everyone on campus is human and more than capable of making mistakes. Mistakes and embarrassment are two of the best teachers on campus. If you allow yourself opportunities that may merit a lesson from these teachers, you may find a new interest or passion here on campus.


KJ Williams
Beavercreek, OH
A transformational Ohio State experience: My entire first semester of college was a transformational experience. Coming to college was my first time living on my own. I loved the independence, but it also came with a lot of responsibility that I took time getting used to. I had to change my study habits, become more social, and keep track of my health by eating healthy and exercising.

Logan Woodyard
Jackson, OH
Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Most surprising thing about Ohio State: In a big place like Ohio State, I was concerned about forming a supportive community. Despite its size, I was able to connect with others by sharing and doing things that I'm passionate about -- whether it be student leadership, community service, or practicing my faith -- and this made Ohio State feel much more like home.