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Peer leaders

Andrew Batarseh
Columbus, OH
Most influential Ohio State experience: The experience that helped me grow and develop the most is my involvement with an organization called Cru. I met so many people who are irreplaceable friends to me now.

Willy Chen
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Economics and Mathematics
Campus resource he's made the most use of: I love watching movies. I use D-Tix a lot because it gives students discounted movie tickets: $3 per ticket. Also, the Gateway Film Center is a theater that supports individual filmmakers, which gave me a sense of government helping local entrepreneurship.

Emily Derikito
Fredericktown, OH
Campus resource she's made the most use of:
I got to know my hall director pretty well and it was probably one of the best decisions I've made. He would help me with my applications for campus activities and made me aware of other upcoming opportunities. He also got a puppy this year, so I got to play with her sometimes.

Dylan Munson
Shelbyville, TN
How to make friends: I made friends by getting involved in student organizations on campus. I checked out the involvement fair during my first week here to find things I would be interested in and signed up for a few. There are a ton of student organizations on campus and this was a good way for me to find people who shared similar interests as me and make friends.

Lauren Nelson
Monroe, OH
Health Sciences
Favorite class during her first year: It's a three-way tie for my favorite class. I loved my Intro to Humanities, Intro to African-American Literature, and Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood. All of my professors were so passionate and engaging. I was excited to go to class and never missed any of them.

Madison Taylor
Moon Township, PA
Advice for new students: Don't panic if you don't meet your best friends in the first two weeks of school. Sometimes (most times) it just takes more time. Just focus on being your most authentic self and you will find people that complement you.


Mary Tillman
Oakmont, PA
Social Work
Most surprising thing about Ohio State: I never expected a professor that teaches hundreds of students to not only remember my name, but encourage me to do my best work and actually look forward to helping and supporting me.

Carson Yerian
Doylestown, OH
Electrical Engineering
Advice for new students: Even though it can be intimidating, don't be afraid to talk to people you don't know. A lot of people come here not knowing anyone and are just as excited (and nervous) to make new friends.