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Frequently asked questions

Who participates in Buckeyes First?

  • Buckeyes First is open to all first-year students that are first in their families to attend college. You are considered a first-generation student if neither parent earned a four-year degree, even if your parents attended four-year institutions or completed only two-year associate degrees. You are also considered first-generation if your older siblings attended/graduated from college, but your parents did not.

How many students can attend Buckeyes first?

  • Buckeyes First accommodates 80 first-year students.

What is the cost of the program?

  • The cost for Buckeye First is $50 and includes early move-in daily fees, food, transportation, food and lodging, and all activities during the program. Scholarships are available to cover a portion of the fee.

How do I apply for Buckeyes First?

  • The 2018 Buckeyes First application will open on Friday, May 4 and must be completed by Wednesday, June 20. Applications received after June 20 will not be considered.

Do I need special equipment?

  • Students are expected to bring their own footwear and comfortable clothing. Be prepared for cold and warm temperatures and rainy weather. Some Buckeyes First activities will be held at Camp Mary Orton, and Camp Mary Orton will provide all necessary equipment for activities such as high ropes, zip lining, canoeing and more.

Do I need outdoor adventure experience?

  • Some Buckeyes First activities will be held at Camp Mary Orton, and Camp Mary Orton welcomes first-year students of all camping experiences. Participants will engage in various physical activities; however, the typical active high school senior should have no limitations. If you have any concerns about participating in Buckeyes First's physical activities, please contact

Where and when do I check in for the program?

  • Students will arrive and check in for the program on the Ohio State campus. Specific locations and instructions will be communicated to registered students prior to their arrival date.

Will I be able to move into my residence hall early?

  • As a part of attending Buckeyes First, students will move into their permanent residence hall on the first day of the program. The fee to move in early is included in your registration. Please bring all move-in materials for your residence hall the day you arrive.

What if I cancel my reservation?

  • If you are no longer able to attend Buckeyes First, contact Cancellations received after July 20 are non-refundable.

What if I can’t afford the registration deposit?

  • First Year Experience offers need-based scholarships of $50 to cover participant fees. To be considered for a scholarship, please send a letter to detailing your financial need and your interest in attending Buckeyes First.