First Generation Students

First-gen: Ohio State

Being the first in your family to earn a bachelor's degree — or even to go to college! — is a big deal. First-generation students have a lot to be proud of, and we're proud of them.

Who are first-generation students?

At Ohio State, you're considered a first-generation student if neither of your parents have earned a four-year bachelor's degree.

Start strong

Designed just for first-year, first-generation students, the Buckeyes First program blends challenging activities with exciting experiences on campus and within Columbus. By participating, you’ll become more familiar with campus and the Buckeye community as you get to know other first-generation students. As you learn from one another and share your stories, you'll engage in fun activities that will provide you with the tools to be successful in your first year. Be prepared for a jam-packed schedule of fun, empowering and memorable experiences to kick off your career as a new Buckeye!

Get involved

Once on campus, first-generation students can join the Buckeyes First student organization. The group hosts a variety of events and meets regularly to discuss the academic and social transition to college for first-generation students. By joining, you'll develop a support network on campus and build relationships with nonprofit community organizations that combat education inequality.

National First-Generation College Student Day

In the fall, keep an eye out for celebration details from the Buckeyes First student organization and other campus groups for   National First-Generation College Student Day, an annual celebration of first-generation students everywhere.

Zoom backgrounds

Show your first-gen pride virtually with these Zoom backgrounds.

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