First Year Experience

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Support FYE

First Year Experience (FYE) programs are made possible in part by private support from alumni, community partners, parents and friends of The Ohio State University. FYE programs help students learn how to navigate the university, get comfortable on campus, challenge themselves and think of Ohio State as home.

Your support of FYE programming makes a key difference in the first weeks and months of first-year students' Ohio State experience and lays the foundation for continued educational success. Giving to First Year Experience enhances our programs that support students during their transition to college, contribute to retention, and aid in a student’s personal growth and leadership development.

Donations to The Ohio State University Fund for First Year Experience and University Orientation will be used to sustain, enrich and enhance programming and student support in First Year Experience and University Orientation. Donations to this fund will be used to assist the planning and administration of programs and finance student scholarships for programs with a participation fee.

Supporters of FYE recognize that their patronage will support all new undergraduate students through the first months of the college transition and create conditions for success at The Ohio State University.

If you are interested in learning more about supporting First Year Experience programs and scholarships, please contact Julie Schultz, senior assistant director, at or 614-247-4341.