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Success Series

Theme Areas

Academic Engagement and Career Exploration
The wide variety of sessions offered in this category aim to help students become successful students both inside and outside of the classroom. Topics include improving study and note taking skills, tackling procrastination, exploring career options, and learning about math resources or study abroad options.

Buck-I-Care About Consent
Learn about sex, consent, and the importance of communication with this mandatory session offered by the Student Wellness Center. With staff specializing in relationship education and violence prevention, you'll dispel rumors about sexual norms in society; encourage effective communication among partners; define consent, how it can be given, by whom and when; and share resources for individuals who have experienced sexual violence. To view dates this session is offered and to register, log in to the Success Series.

Diversity and Global Awareness
Learning to live in a diverse world is an essential part of the college experience. This theme focuses on the diverse nature of Ohio State and explores current social issues facing society and what it means to study, work and live with people from differing backgrounds. Sessions will focus on how diversity and global awareness affect individuals and groups in society. Students can choose from sessions that address issues of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, class and gender. This theme also contains sessions regarding study abroad opportunities and current social issues that have particular relevance for first-year students.

Students today are often faced with growing amounts of debt and increased responsibility for personal financial management. In these sessions, students will explore the consequences of and alternatives to buying on credit and will learn strategies to ensure a secure financial future.

Health and Wellness
Through these events, students will learn how to weave wellness activities and practices into their daily routines. Each session will focus on one of several health and wellness topics including anxiety and mental health resources, stress management, alcohol and drug awareness, sexual activity, and healthy food choices. These sessions increase students' knowledge regarding the consequences of behavior at Ohio State and guide students to evaluate their expectations for their college experience. Sessions under this theme provide students with strategies for leading a healthy and balanced life.

Leadership and Civic Engagement
Gaining an understanding of various leadership philosophies and opportunities for civic engagement are important in every college students’ career at Ohio State. These sessions encourage students to become involved on campus and provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and learn about the community surrounding campus. Speakers who are noted professionals and leaders in the local, state or national community will come to campus to share their personal experiences and successes in leadership.