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First Year Success Series

Session Tags

To help you find First Year Success Series sessions that interest you, every session features one or more of the following tags:

Get healthy. Sessions with this tag address personal health topics that affect your success as a college student, such as deciding what to eat in the campus dining facilities; establishing and maintaining an exercise routine; alcohol and other drug use and abuse; engaging in mindfulness and other stress-reducing practices; and managing anxiety, depression or other mental health concerns.

Thrive in the real world. Choose sessions with this tag to talk about "adulting" and equip yourself to take responsibility for the everyday work of being a college student. You'll discover strategies for managing your time and money, learn how (and why) to proactively take advantage of campus resources, and more.

Thrive emotionally. These sessions focus on skills, tools and strategies that can help you navigate situations you might experience for the first time in college (like performing poorly in a class or feeling homesick) and prepare you to deal with negative feelings those situations might elicit.

Thrive socially. Sessions with this tag will cover the ways you can make Ohio State your home away from home — like getting involved, connecting with your peers and professors — without sacrificing your existing relationships.

Thrive academically. There are a lot of differences between your high school academic environment and the one you'll find at Ohio State: course pacing and rigor, instructor expectations and communication, exam preparation, homework and other assignments, and more. To help you adjust, these sessions will prepare you to navigate tutoring services and office hours and help you develop appropriate note-taking, studying and exam skills.

Discover yourself and others. Select sessions with this tag to expand your knowledge and awareness of your own identity and values and explore how those characteristics affect how you engage and understand the people and cultures at Ohio State.

Plan your future. These sessions will help you explore major and career options and connect you with resources, opportunities and experiences you can pursue in your first year as you develop skills essential for success at Ohio State and beyond.