First Year Experience

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President's Convocation

Convocation: Your Official Welcome

Convocation is the official welcome event at Ohio State for first-year students. Students hear from university leaders, faculty, administrators, and special guests, and are introduced to some time-honored university traditions. Convocation is the first of many memorable moments for you at Ohio State and the only time prior to graduation that the entire class is gathered.

Survey class pre-Convocation meeting
If you are enrolled in a Survey course, you'll meet with your academic advisor for a special session on Monday morning before classes begin. All entering freshmen attend this special meeting of their autumn semester survey class prior to convocation. During this meeting, academic advisors share important information with you and answer any questions about your first week at Ohio State.

Find the location of your pre-Convocation meeting

Immediately following Convocation, students attend the Columbus Welcome event and enjoy lunch and learn about what this great city has in store for them.