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Flu shots on campus

Encourage your student to get the seasonal flu shot at the Wilce Student Health Center. For students with Comprehensive Student Health Insurance, the cost of the vaccine is covered at 100 percent!

  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine Clinics: find dates on the Student Health Services calendar,
  • By appointment: Students can schedule an appointment through MyBuckMD.
  • Flu shots at the Wilce Student Health Center Pharmacy: Monday through Friday, 8:30-4:30 p.m. (no appointment needed)

Didn't purchase Student Health Insurance? Students without the comprehensive student insurance plan can receive a flu shot for $37 at the Wilce Student Health Center.

More about getting the flu vaccine:









Wilce Student Health Center

The Wilce Student Health Center offers students medical advice; preventive care; dental, optometry and primary care; women's services; men's services; and a full service pharmacy. The student health center is in-network for select insurance plans. Visit for the most updated information about which plans are accepted at the health center.

If the student center is considered out-of-network for your insurance, call your insurance company to determine if your plan includes out-of-network benefits.

Student Health Services information for parents:
Student Health Services:









Ordering sick meals

Any residence hall student who is unable to come to a dining facility due to illness can complete a form that designates someone else to pick-up a sick tray for them.










Create your own provider list

If your student is covered under personal insurance (not the Student Health Insurance Plan), consider finding and making a list of providers--doctors, dentists, hospitals and clinics--in the Columbus area that are covered by your private insurance company.

Give this list to your student and explain about any necessary co-pays before your student is ill. You'll have peace of mind knowing your student knows where to get medical help and that the care he or she receives will be covered by insurance.








Can't get an appointment at the Wilce?

Students covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan can receive health care from providers other than those at the Wilce Student Health Center. You or your student can learn more about searching for providers at

For those students not covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan, a simple internet search will display Columbus-area clinics and hospitals that could be alternatives to the student health center. Before your student receives any health care (even at the Wilce), confirm that the provider(s) selected will accept your insurance.







Got questions? AskFYE!

As your student learns to navigate Ohio State, you may find that you have questions but don't know where to turn for the answer. AskFYE is an email resource designed to help answer questions and direct you to resources on campus. If you have something on your mind, email your questions or comments to





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