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Happy Holidays!

From the staff and peer leaders in First Year Experience, we wish you happiness this holiday season and best wishes for the new year!









Observations from a Peer Leader


The end of a semester can be intense for any student. As someone who has experienced it several times, I can assume that your student has been stressed to some degree over the past few weeks with time management and final exams.

I hope you know that between the business of their lives and the secondhand stress they may have given you (who knew that parents could be as equally worried about a chemistry final?), your student cannot wait to come home. They are excited to see you and be in a place where they don’t have to be thinking about a hundred different things for the first time.

During my first winter break, it was a relief to be home since I had missed my family and friends. I also remember that I slept a lot, much to my mom’s dismay. Just know that your student is happy to be back and also extremely content to feel like they are truly home again.

Keep this in mind as your student comes home, and don’t be shocked if they seem a little different -- they have just experienced their first semester at college and everything new that comes with it. They have made new friends, joined different organizations, and perhaps embraced new parts of themselves. This is just the beginning of the years of growth, challenges and successes that they will experience at Ohio State.

Enjoy the rest of your student’s college years and look forward to how they will grow.


Kyle Krawczyk
FYE Peer Leader and third-year student









First set of grades

Autumn semester is nearly over and students will soon receive their final grades, if they haven’t already. If your student is a little disappointed with the result, encourage your student to work with his or her academic advisor. Advisors can explain the options open to students, including re-taking classes, grade forgiveness and enrolling in courses designed to help improve study habits.

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