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Advisor meetings

As your student prepares to schedule spring semester classes, encourage a meeting with the academic advisor. Your first-year student may have already mapped out courses for the next year during the survey course, but academic advisors can review projected courses and make suggestions for improvements.

Students should continue to meet with advisors beyond the requirements of the survey course. This valuable relationship helps as they seek internships, co-ops, study abroad experiences and even research positions.










Scheduling for spring semester 2017

Course registration appointments open the week of October 17 for all students with university priority scheduling. Other students will see their enrollment appointments start in the weeks to come (the last sets of appointments open November 15). Students can view their enrollment appointments via the Student Center onĀ

Encourage your student to follow this advice:

  • Contact advisors or college offices: This is where to go with problems and questions regarding scheduling.
  • Meet with advisors: Review next semester's planned courses with an advisor, including any appropriate alternate courses just in case the first choice is not available.
  • Prepare course selections for the following semester: Use the email notification, master schedule and list of courses planned in the advisor meeting. Have alternative choices ready.
  • Check for holds: Take steps to clear any holds before your enrollment appointment opens.









TOPP payment reminder

Sunday, October 16, is the third payment due date for students and families enrolled in the Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP).








Got questions? AskFYE!

As your student learns to navigate Ohio State, you may find that you have questions but don't know where to turn for the answer. AskFYE is an email resource designed to help answer questions and direct you to resources on campus. If you have something on your mind, email your questions or comments to





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